marți, 1 mai 2018

Some tourist information from the Old Town of Bucharest / Câteva Informații turistice din Centrul Istoric al Bucureștiului

   Here are some multilingual tourist information from the zone called The Old Town, in Bucharest (in Romanian: „Centrul Vechi” or Centrul Istoric) - please enlarge pictures to see the text.

   This name is not very properly given, since this is just the area containing the Medieval Court („Curtea Veche”) and old shops; more accurately, the historical center of Bucharest is everything around Calea Victoriei (from Piața Victoriei to Dâmbovița river, with the Royal Palace at its core).

   Other images from the Old Town, under a free license, are available on Mapillary. You're welcome to add your own geo-tagged pictures, if you wish... :)

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