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sâmbătă, 27 august 2011

Vintage Romanian car for sale - Dacia 1100

For vintage car passionates and connoiseurs, we offer one which is pretty rare in Western countries: the Romanian-made Dacia 1100, manufactured in late sixties.

General data

  • Manufacturer: Automobile Dacia (Romania), a licensee of Renault (France).
  • Model: Dacia 1100
  • Manufactured: 1969
  • Colour: white no. 40 ("alb 40")
  • Engine's volume: 1,100 cm3
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Status: working, in good condition (was conserved in garage)
  • Present usage: slightly above 100,000 km
  • Legally registered in Romania, legal papers fully updated (the car presently have legal right to travel on Romanian roadways)
  • Includes mandatory Romanian civil insurance (RCA) and full damage insurance (CASCO)
  • Includes some original spare parts (Romanian made and French made).

The car is available and may be inspected in: Bucharest, Romania.

Contact data for sale: please call +40 XXX XXXXXX (the car was sold; the announcement is no longer active).

Below are some photos of this vintage car.

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